"It is beauty I seek, not beautiful things."  These
words of Plato, written over two thousand years ago,
should strike a chord in every aspiring artist.
It is beauty I seek.......The God-given created world we live in is undeniably
saturated with beauty and we haven't far to search for it; indeed we are
literally surrounded on all sides and can scarcely escape it: "Earth is
crammed with Heaven and every bush afire with God....."
Christina Rossetti

Thanks to the microscope, we know that even the tiniest snowflake is in fact
an exquisite lacework of beauty.  We have only to observe closely.  The
vocation of the artist is similar to the function of the microscope: to present
or magnify beauty that might otherwise go unnoticed.  In this way the
painter also participates in the divine act of creation-or re-creation.  An
ordinary onion, through the skilled hands of the artist, becomes the
irresistable pearlized focal point in a still-life, which possesses the power to
delight viewers for generations.  And so the artist lives to take in and give
back the beautiful to the world.

I am constantly inspired and impressed as I look over the shoulders of my
students, many of whom are newcomers to art, and "scared rabbits".  Never
in my thirty year's experience of teaching have I encountered any two souls
who painted a simple pear or lemon in the same fashion. Each person is
seeing some aspect of the thing in a new and individual way.  This is why the
humblest of subjects can bring fresh new surprises daily.  Those who search
for beauty will find it, and all such seekers are welcome at The Brown
Susan Poitevin

I  studied art at
The University of Southern Mississippi , later changing my
degree major to history , but found myself always returning to artistic
pursuits.   While in the Deep South, I taught painting and calligraphy
classes for twenty years at
Millsaps College  in Jackson, Mississippi , I
guided prisoners in art therapy painting at the Madison County  jail
facility, and maintained
The Paper Garden, where I offered outdoor
painting classes on the grounds of our country home.  The Paper Garden
was featured as a cover story in the
Mississippi Magazine, and thereafter,  
a steady stream of aspiring artists came to relax and paint in Camden.  My
work was featured in
Victoria Magazine, which provided a catalyst for a mail
watercolor bookmark and note card business.  For ten years I did
commissioned art designs for Dear Cards, Inc.  More recently,
The Brown
Rabbit in Paxico
was featured in  Kansas!  Magazine  as a "Favorite Place"  
to visit in Kansas.

I have been painting and offering classes in my Brown Rabbit Studio here
in Paxico, KS for the past ten years.  Visitors are welcome.
To schedule an appointment call 785-636-7550.
                        Hope to see you soon at The  Rabbit !
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